Infused Raw Health offer One to One Consultations with our clients through which they will embark on a '28 Day Body Transformation'.  This body transformation will include an initial consultation, followed by four mini consultations.  Whilst on the program you will receive a personalised meal plan, access to our partner Evade's fitness suite and four private sessions with an Infused Raw Health instructor.

  We understand that every individual will want to achieve different goals by adopting the Infused Raw Health lifestyle - from weight loss to an increase in energy and even fighting and reversing disease -  and it is our ability to tailor our service to meet every individuals needs that provides us with ones of our greatest strengths.  We want to help you as an individual.

  We have the ability to facilitate both national and international clients, to find out more about our One to One consultations please click here.


''I just wanted to message to say thank you. I started your diet plan around 6 weeks ago and as you fully know I drank a lot of your smoothies! Well I got on the scales today and I've lost 1 stone in weight. Which is amazing for me as I've been struggling for a while. The food plan is excellent and although since stopping the smoothies I have eaten some dairy products, I have not eaten meat for 6 weeks and I have no desire to! My eating habits have totally changed and instead of crisps I eat nuts! So a big thank you, I have a long way to go yet however it's been a great kick up the backside for me and if I gain anything from it, it's that I don't have to eat meat and have found great alternatives.

Also, just so you give some more feedback I thought your smoothies were delish! Best of luck with your business.

Thanks again. Emma Hinchliffe''