Emma Blake
”After fighting ulcerative colitis unsuccessfully for many years it all came to a head when I became pretty much house bound in November 2015. I had multiple invasive procedures and told my UC was throughout my entire bowel and was put on a cocktail of drugs to try to control it. The drugs had awful side effects and didn't really work.

 In March 2016 I cut out gluten which had some effect and allowed me to get out and about to a certain extent. In early May I ended up chatting to Saiema whilst waiting for my son to finish his martial arts class and she told me all about the benefits of a whole plant based diet. I was intrigued and thought I had nothing to lose so booked in for a consultation.  

 I can honestly say that consultation has changed my life! I am symptom free, slimmer and well on my way to being a healthy weight. The juices are delicious and filling, I can honestly say I don't feel hungry when following the Infused plan. I have also really enjoyed the personal training sessions with Siema, you won't meet anybody more enthusiastic and encouraging. I have gone from being terrified of stepping into the gym to actually enjoying it. I can't speak highly enough of the Infused plan, ultimately it's given me my life back, I can go out without worrying and my illness no longer controls me, I control it!! Eventually I will be medication free thanks to a whole plant based diet and support from Infused Raw Health.
- Emma Blake


Sarah Blackwood :
During the initial personal consultation, all aspects of the programme are discussed, including medical history, diet and exercise.  We talked about what food I did and didn't like and I was able to taste samples of the smoothies and juices to determine which liked/disliked.  To be honest, they all tasted fabulous, they are actually enjoyable to drink!  I was also given advice on nutrition and a nutrition plan to help me with ideas for meals, snacks, etc.  I had my weight and body fat measured so we could track any changes during the programme.  The programme I was on consisted of 3 juices/smoothies per day for 28 days supplemented with meals from the plan.  The effects were excellent: during the first week I noticed my energy levels had increased and my skin was looking much fresher which is always a bonus   .  My body fat also decreased by 11% in just 9 days. Sie is extremely supportive and keeps in touch to see how the programme is going at regular intervals.  I would highly recommend Infused Raw Health to anyone.


My journey with infused raw health has been nothing short of life changing. I feel unreal, my bodies running like a tuned up Rolls Royce. Flying about i am. My energy, focus, concentration have all gone threw the roof. My sporting performance has rocketed, recovery rate is rapid, I’m banging out more reps on every exercise. Adding to this the 5kg of weight I have lost over 2 shorts weeks has meant I can accomplish more advanced techniques within my realm of training (Calisthenics) I will never revert to my previous diet again. The new me has learnt from the old me. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. Infused raw health was the missing piston in the engine. My conditioning was on point. Now my nutrition is as well. Thanks to infused raw health Saiema heathcote head nutritional therapist at infused raw health is amazing. Her knowledge is unreal. Saiema provides you with around the clock support, with constant check ups to make sure everything is good whether that is ideas for recipes or just making sure your ok. The nutritional plans is so easy to follow. Saiema provides you with countless recipes and ideas, so you don’t have to worry about what to eat. If I could go back in time and tell myself 5 years a go to get on this plan I would. Everyone should get on this product. Everyone will benefit. Unreal it is.