At Infused Raw Health we offer Raw Organic Super Juices and Smoothies of which follow our whole plant based diet and promote an alkaline system.

  Our clients drink these smoothies for a variety of purposes from providing them with energy for a work out, nutrients for your body to recover or for your muscles to build after a workout or even just to revitalise them and provide them with energy to go about their daily life (the best alternative to energy drinks and caffeine!).  Please visit the product page to view the different Infused Juices and Smoothies we offer, tailored to suite your personal needs!

  The Super Juices and Smoothies are suitable for all ages as they come in a range of sizes (small, large and kid sized) and available to purchase in 3, 5 or 28 day meal plans. 


''My plan was to do a 3 day detox of infused raw to help me loose a few pounds and kick start a new diet after baby no.3! I enjoyed the drinks so much I carried on another 2 days and happily finished 5 days juicing (without cheating, which is an achievement in its self for me!!!) feeling fantastic. The drinks were really tasty and I surprisingly felt full up after each one!! I have lost weight and feel great! I'm much more aware of what I am eating now. It's easier than I thought it would be to snack on raw foods and salad. definitely the motivation I was looking for! I'm continuing with the drinks twice a day over three days for the next few weeks and I'll have an evening meal. In-between it makes sense to keep going with the healthy plan! Healthy lifestyle! Healthy body!! Really really pleased and highly recommend. Thank you very much Saiema and Infused Raw Health!!

Emma Gibbons xx''