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“Welcome to Infused, I’m Saiema, after researching nutrition, health and metabolic disease for over the last ten years, seeing incredible results not only in my own health but my personal clients too, I wanted to share with you the amazing results that can be achieved by having the right diet. You’ll be amazed at how your health can improve, how much more vibrant you’ll feel, you’ll have far more energy, fat loss and weight management becomes easy and not a chore, no more ridiculous calorie counting,  Many of the popular diet companies today are promoting unsustainable diets that not only keep you yo-yoing up and down but will wreck your health long term, costing you invaluable time and money. 

Once and for all, you will have an easy to follow bespoke meal plan that you will just love, made just for you after our one to one personal consultation where we will discuss in detail everything to help you along the way. The results of my clients speak for themselves, all losing tremendous amounts of body fat, all feeling so much better, more vitality, better outlooks, long term health problems clearing up, many high level athletes that now come to me have found faster recovery times, far less soreness from sessions, they’ve got much leaner and stronger and more. 

I’d love to work with you personally, help stop the chaos of the so called diet industry with their fads, fake vitamins  powders and shakes that are just poisoning your system, time to be told the truth about an easy to follow, extremely nutritious and delicious new way that’ll have you feeling amazing. Your plan will have everything you need to succeed, daily meal choices, do’s and don’ts, what to expect and more plus I’ll be on hand to offer all the help and advice you need! ❤️” 

with love & support we can do anything!

Saiema xx 


Sensei David Breed
Martial arts Hall of Famer & Founder of Evade Blackbelt Schools


Emma Gibbons
……At Swimtime Cheshire


Zach Penny
Founder of A2Z Fitness


Bespoke Juice & Smoothie Plans

Weather you are a athlete looking for an extra boost. If you want a kick start to decreasing body fat levels or simple a boost in nutrients to feel reenergised, focused and ready to take on the day. Find out more about our juice plans…


Bespoke Meal plans designed just for you, no more guessing what to do or eat!

Having studied the latest research into human nutrition, health and performance, we can provide you with a personal plan that will have everything you need to succeed, dropping body fat, increasing energy & vitality. no more guessing, no more confusion, at Infused we will inspire & educate you and be with you all the way!

We take the stress out of financial planning. Proin gravida ex id consectetur lobortis. Aliquam ornare, velit vel faucibus dapibus, augue justo.

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Here at Infused it is our clients that make us feel special, want to jump out f bed in the morning to start each day with excitement and a feeling that no other can give you apart form having happy satisfied clients.
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