The Infused Raw Health Team consist of Infused Instructors and Infused Nutritionists, both of whom you will meet when you begin your journey.

 Our Infused Nutritionists are extremely skilled and well educated on how to ensure a healthy lifestyle through a wholistic approach to health.  If you choose to take part in the Infused 28 Day Body Transformation, it is the Infused Nutritionist of whom you will have your consultations with and is they who will work with you to ensure you are achieving your goals and who will develop your specialised meal plans.

  The Infused Instructors are world class and internationally aclaimed in their fields.  Our Infused Instructors will lead you through personal training sessions, yoga sessions and provide advice with regards to your physical fitness, for example, how to build muscle or improve your flexibility.

  Please see below our team profiles and have a read through.  In each one, each member of the team will provide you with some information on who they are, what it is they do and why they can provide the best service for you along with why they believe in the Infused Lifestyle.  Our team are truly dedicated and passionate.  Their sole aim is to provide you with the best service to achieve your goals and to help you become the best version of yourself!